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At Steve Pitcher Roofing, we provide services for property owners requiring lime mortar in Yeovil and nearby locations within a 30-mile radius. Lime mortar mixes are a lot softer and more porous in comparison to cement. Commonly used for conservation proposes, lime mortar mixtures are used for historic buildings and complex structures, to preserve their timeless appeal. Our team is fully qualified to work with both hydraulic and non-hydraulic mixes, including lime putty. Contact us for a free, professional consultation today.

Lime Mortar Mix

We use a hydraulic lime mortar mix. The lime and water are mixed together with aggregate, which is a term for any particulate material. The aggregate provides volume, stability and resistance to wear and tear; frequently composed of either sand, gravel or crushed stones. Using lime mortar can help prevent and alleviate damp due to its breathable properties. Its flexibility also makes it easy to work with. Most significantly, the carbon footprint from lime products is ten per cent less than cement, making it an environmentally friendly alternative.

Lime Putty

Lime putty, on the other hand, is a non-hydraulic mix. It sets and hardens when it comes into contact with carbon dioxide (in the air). There are several strengths we can work with depending on the type of property and its features, but no job is too challenging for our team of roofing specialists. In fact, we love a challenge. So, if you think you have one for us and would like to receive a free quote, get in touch.

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