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Our local Yeovil roofers have specialist skills in working with lead. Widely found on historic buildings and complex structures, lead roofing is one of the oldest methods in the industry. One of the greatest aspects of using lead is that it has one of the highest recycling rates in the world. Lead is an extremely flexible material which is why it comes in handy for roofing construction. It is easy to work with as it contracts and expands depending on the temperature. Most significantly, lead is a great sealant and can make gaps and joins 100% watertight. Using lead for flashing enables roofers to prevent water for infiltrating areas that are susceptible. For services including lead flashing, roofing leadwork and lead roofing in Yeovil, get in touch with our team of experts.

Lead Welding and Bossing

Lead welding and bossing require extensive knowledge and skills in the roofing industry, which our roofers possess. When lead is welded, two sheets of the metal are joined together using heat so powerful, waterproof joints and guttering can be created. Lead bossing requires the same methods as welding, except it can be used for more complex shapes and joints. Our team of roofers are fully qualified in lead welding and bossing. They work carefully to prevent damage to the overall look of the material, maintaining its original thickness.

Lead Flashing

The Steve Pitcher Roofing team is fully trained in lead flashing for all kinds of roofing applications. We can also repair and replace chimney flashing. Our team install a sheet of lead metal around the chimney in the area where it meets the roof. This ensures the connection between the chimney and the roof is secure and 100% watertight. So, if you notice a leak or would like us to inspect your chimney’s flashing, contact us for an affordable, reliable service.

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