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A happy chimney means a happy home. If your chimney is leaning slightly, needs a repair or even a total rebuild, we have the knowledge and skills to get it looking new again. Taking care of your chimney is a lot more important than you would expect. We recommend checking it annually or looking out for any early warning signs to save you hassle and money in the future. A minor error could turn in to a major one, burning a large hole in your wallet. If you suspect something is wrong and are seeking chimney repair in Yeovil, give us a call and we will determine the problem alongside a price estimate, free of charge.

Chimney Rebuilds

We offer partial, roofline up and total chimney rebuilds as a part of our roofing services. If you’re interested in a rebuild, we can supply similar building materials that match the original parts of your chimney. This will ensure the chimney doesn’t look mismatched against your property. In addition, we can also source second-hand parts for you if required. Are you a Somerset local looking for a chimney rebuild? Contact Steve Pitcher Roofing to get your free quotation.

Leaning Chimney Stack

Leaning chimney stacks can be a serious hazard and must be dealt with immediately. Structural damage and deterioration within the chimney can cause the chimney stack to lean to one side. This can be caused by the erosion of the mortar joints, cracking, acidic damage, water ingress, damage due to pest infestation or structural alterations. If left, these can cause significant damage to your roof and home, and even passers-by if it tumbles. So, if you have any concerns and live locally, please get in touch with us as soon as possible for chimney repairs in Yeovil and the surrounding areas of Somerset.

Chimney Maintenance

Our multi-skilled roofers are also able to help with chimney maintenance. Trust that we are knowledgeable problem solvers who can identify issues instantly. Often, damp appearing on or around your chimney, and in the surrounding areas of your home (walls and ceilings), is a sign of water leakage or a fault in the property. The cause could be from tiling, the chimney flashing, ventilation or even the guttering. To avoid long-term damage to your home and health, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Chimney Flashing

As part of our chimney repair services, we will also replace the chimney flashing. Chimney flashing is usually made from lead roll and creates a seal to stop water ingress.

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